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Company: Orange SA

Brand value: US$17,915 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Industry: Telecom provider

Year formed: 1988

Orange is a mobile phone network provider that promotes the extent of its network and the quality of its services and innovations. It is seen as a premium brand in France, and tells consumers “We get you closer to what’s important to you’’. Orange has overhauled its communications strategy in the past year and focuses on the varied needs of consumers and how the brand can help them manage their health, family, work, money, and home – and have fun. Orange’s Christmas ad campaigns are well known; in 2016, Orange told a humorous story of neighbors trying to outdo each other’s festive lights displays. The brand invests heavily in innovation; its Orange Fab program helps startups to grow in France, but this work struggles to gain prominence next to a similar effort launched by Orange’s main competitor in its home market, Free. To compete against Free more effectively on price, Orange in 2011 launched Sosh, an extension brand that is highly focused on competitive tariffs and has a more quirky brand image. Orange operates in 28 countries, mainly in Europe and Africa. In Africa, a key area of focus is Orange Money, a mobile wallet service aimed at people without access to traditional banking. The success of the service has led to the launch of Orange Bank in France this year. Orange is a privately owned company but has a non-controlling equity interest in several of its African and Middle Eastern markets.