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Company: Origin Energy Limited

Brand value: US$1,779 million

Change since 2018: -20%

Headquarter city: Sydney

Industry: Energy

Year formed: 2000

Origin is Australia’s largest energy retailer, generating and supplying gas and electricity to around 4.3 million customers. It generates 13 percent of the country’s energy, some of it from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, solar and geothermal. Origin has pledged to gradually increase its use of renewable energy sources to over 25 percent of its power-generating capacity. In late 2018, Origin launched a broadband service bundled with its energy offering, in a move seen as hitting back at telco’s such as Dodo and Amaysim, which have been bundling energy with their communications services. The business has also announced plans to go national with AI-based software, trialled in Adelaide, that shunts electricity demand to different day parts to iron out price spikes. Origin is one of around 20 energy businesses that in 2019 signed an Energy Charter to make energy more affordable and reliable – and increase consumer trust in the sector. The business is acquiring OC Energy, which will bring in 55,000 new customers.