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Paid search - balancing human and machine learning


Paid search - balancing human and machine learning


Stefanie Schneider 

Director Product & Quality Paid Search

GroupM Digital Germany


The future of paid search rests on the full automation of campaigns. Google introduced its “Fullistic Automation Framework” to simplify accounts and increase campaign performance with the use of data, smart bidding and machine learning.

The Fullistic approach provides huge opportunities for the maximization of success, but “Fullistic Automation Framework” is not yet a “one-fits-all” solution, as not every client meets the relevant requirements. 

Today, the “machines” are not mature enough to run entirely on their own. Human experts in paid search are still vital for the data enrichment, data analysis and adjustment of bid strategies.

Automation will increasingly be a dominant force in the future of search. But for now, a smooth interplay between humans and machines is crucial to achieving the greatest possible benefits for clients.