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Pall Mall

Pall Mall

Company: British American Tobacco, P.L.C.

Brand Value: $6,957 Million

Headquarters: Winston-Salem, NC

Year on Year Change: -9%

Category: Tobacco

Year Formed: 1899

Pall Mall was marketed as the first premium cigarette, which catered to the upper classes. It is also known for introducing longer cigarettes, a tactic that, in the 1960s, briefly made it the most popular brand in its category. Today, the brand’s positioning has changed markedly from its early roots. It is now promoted as a good value, offering quality at a reasonable price. While its market share has declined slightly in the United States in recent years, possibly due to improved economic conditions, Pall Mall has been a growth brand over the past decade and is currently the 4th best-selling cigarette in its home market.