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Perceived Difference drives higher pricing, value growth

The connection between maximizing price potential and accelerating value growth raised an obvious question: What causes consumers to view a brand as being worth a higher price? We again analyzed the 85 brands that appeared in both the 2006 and 2017 rankings.


We found that the brands that consumers saw as both higher priced, and worth their higher price, scored 145 in Difference. In contrast, brands that consumers saw as lower priced, and not worth a higher price, score only 97 in Difference. Difference is a component of Brand Power, the BrandZ™ metric of brand equity. An average score is 100.


We then took the same 85 brands and divided them into three groups, according to their Difference scores, to measure the effect of Difference on brand value growth. We found that over 12 years, the top third in Difference grew 258 percent in brand value, while the bottom third grew only 21 percent.


Brand Implication

Difference makes the difference. The more Different a brand appears to the consumer, the more the brand can justify a price premium, and the faster a brand will grow in value. Unlike the many uncertainties of the marketplace that a company cannot control, marketers can build brands to create a sense of difference that predisposes consumers to choose them over the competition.


Difference justifies higher prices…

The brands that consumers see as both higher priced, and worth their higher price, scored 145 in Difference.