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Personal is a mobile telecommunications network with 18.2 million customers in Argentina, around 80 percent of whom use Personal’s prepaid service. At the end of 2018, parent company Telecom Group merged with Cablevision, allowing Personal to offer more attractive packages from across the portfolio including fixed and mobile telephony, cable TV and internet services. This has helped Personal become the market leader by number of customers. Personal tailors products to different segments of the market, from the high-end Personal Black handset, to the more value-priced Personal Touch smartphone. The brand drives loyalty through its Club Personal program, and drives brand awareness through sponsorship of signature events. These events include the Personal Fest musical festival, which draws roughly 70,000 attendees over two days and is now in its seventh year. Personal’s parent company, The Telecom Group, was created in 1990 when the government allowed public ownership of the previously state-run enterprises. Its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.    



Parent company: The Telecom Group  

Headquarters: Buenos Aires

Industry: Communication Providers

Year of foundation: 1990

Website: www.personal.com.ar

Brand Value: US$348 million