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Personalization is the new black

Lorena Cocozza
Head of Qual Transformation

Kantar Italy

Personalization is the new black!

Once upon a time, there was the drive for standardization. Buying a brand meant adhering to the brand’s values and being identified with a style or type of people.

Today, the situation is reversed, and brands should represent the values of consumers. Millennials are the most demanding in this regard; since they want to feel special and unique, they want brands to enable them to express their values, their attitudes and behaviors. They want to be a co-creator of a brand’s image.

This "topsy-turvy” approach has the effect of creating a strong bond between brand and consumer, but it’s difficult to implement.

What’s the solution? Search for ways to fulfil consumers’ wish to feel special, and give them the chance to personalize, whether that’s through packaging, colors, graphics, textures or ingredients.

Recent personalization success stories include diets adjusted to a person’s DNA, and customized hamburgers made by Instagram Stories. There are personalized discounts, coded couture, customized shopping bags and made-for-you make-up. Imagine ways your brand could deliver the personal touch.