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Peru 2017 | The power of us

The Peruvian brands currently in the BrandZTM Top 20 Most Valuable Peruvian Brands 2017 are clear examples of the power of local brands to emotionally connect through content, values, languages, gestures, and symbols that are relevant to the local culture.


Héctor Navarrete.png


Firefly Practice Director,

Kantar Millward Brown Peru Hector.Navarrete@fireflymb.com

Hector has a BA in anthropology, an MA in social anthropology and Advanced Diplomas in marketing and advertising planning.


Hector joined Kantar Millward Brown’s Peru office as Director of Firefly in 2016.

He brings broad experience across LATAM and Middle East markets, accumulated while working for Kantar Millward Brown in both Colombia and Dubai.

The power of local brands is a phenomenon we have been analyzing in several emerging countries, where the close relationship consumers build with national brands is mediated by a growing feeling of belonging, community, pride, and nationalism. Thus, it is not surprising that many of the brands appearing today in the ranking connect with Peruvians from three key axes: The recognition of collective values, empowerment, and the mestizo symbolism.



Peru is one of the world’s most community-minded markets, and brands have been able to capitalize on this desire for belonging amongst Peruvian consumers. Brands that highlight the value of the neighborhood (Cristal), of friendship (Pilsen Callao), or a sense of national identification through unique flavors (Inca Kola), have managed to connect with Peruvian consumers.


This is not the result of recent work: the credentials and credibility to speak to Peruvian consumers about collective values have been built by investing and looking for consistency through decades. Several brands that have managed to be included in this Top

20 have been transmitted from one generation to the next one.



In a global and regional context of uncertainty, Peru has been billed as one of the few markets that retains expectations of important growth for the next few years. Consumers, especially those from the emerging middle class, want to connect with this feeling of improvement, hope, and growth, and brands building messages from these territories stand out in the ranking. Besides promoting growth, outstanding brands are those that manage to connect with the feeling of empowerment resulting from the access to goods and services of high quality from a local provider. This has been the key element for brands from industries as diverse as banking, malls, detergents, and food.



The Peruvian symbolic universe has multiple historical layers, built by decades of cultural interactions between indigenous cultures, and African, Asian and of course European migration. Brands have managed to include within their communication these explicit symbolic elements, such as music, food, or local humor. Some have even gone beyond, generating their own symbolic universes from Peruvian elements, such as the magic cuy (BCP), whose meaning and coherence can only be explained in the context of the local culture. The emotional connection that those Peruvian brands establish by correctly using local symbolism is relevant, for it allows them to stand out from a place of empathy and affinity..