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Peru: Brand Profiles

1. Cristal


Parent Company: UCP Backus & Johnston (subsidiary of ABInBev)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Beer

Year of foundation: c.1920

Website: www.cristal.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$1,440 million


Cristal is the leading beer in the Peruvian market. It has a presence throughout Peru and is seen as the benchmark in the category, calling itself a "Proud Ambassador of the Peru Brand". Cristal is promoted as the Peruvian beer that is always present at celebrations, and the beer that unites Peruvians. With values such as unity, harmony and collectivism, its communications based on “neighborhood” creative platform have help the brand to increase its relevance and affinity with consumers, building strong associations related to Cristal’s brand purpose. Cristal is produced by the largest beer company in Peru, Backus, which produces the majority of the country’s most popular beers: Cristal, Pilsen Callao, Cusqueña, Pilsen Trujillo, Barena, Arequipeña and San Juan. UCP Backus & Johnston is a subsidiary of ABInBev, one of the largest brewing groups in the world.



2. Pilsen Callao  


Parent Company: UCP Backus & Johnston (subsidiary of ABInBev)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Beer

Year of foundation: 1863

Website: www.pilsencallao.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$1,075 million


Created in 1863, Pilsen Callao was the first beer produced in Peru. Pilsen Callao is known for its traditional flavor, and its positioning is based on “the flavor of true friendship”. It is a brand that has been very consistent with its communication, using the friendship message in all advertising, promotions ad activities. The brand has been able to created strong associations with specific days or moments that are part of the daily life of the Peruvian; the brand makes it feel almost impossible to celebrate with your friends without Pilsen Callao.




3.  BCP


Parent Company: BCP

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Financial Institutions

Year of foundation: 1889

Website: www.viabcp.com 

Brand Value: $1,067 million USD


BCP is a financial institution that began operating in Peru in 1889 under the name Banco Italiano. It became Banco de Crédito Peru in 1942. The bank has a widespread network across the whole country. The brand has strong associations with tradition, strength and expertise – important characteristics in the financial category. In fact, according to Kantar Millward Brown’s CharacterZ brand profiling, BCP is perceived as a “King”, in common with some of the most valuable global banking brands. The bank has recently been focusing on digital transformation, using technology and innovation to improve the consumer experience.


4. Interbank  


Parent Company: Grupo Interbank

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Financial Institutions

Year of foundation: 1897

Website: www.interbank.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$1,045 million


One of the largest financial institutions in Peru, Banco Internacional del Peru (Interbank) has a growing portfolio of services. These include personal credit, vehicle loans, mortgages, deposits, trade credits and retail banking services. Interbank aims to accompany Peruvians as they work to achieve their dreams, improving people's quality of life. The brand promises dependable fast and friendly service, based on the slogan “Time is worth more than money”. Key to this vision is encouraging customers to save so they can fulfil their dreams.



5.  Inca Kola


Parent Company: Corporación Lindley

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Soft Drinks

Year of foundation: 1935

Website: www.incakola.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$688 million


Inca Kola drink is the best-selling soft drink in Peru. Launched in Lima in 1935, it has a characteristic yellow-gold color. In a country famous for its gastronomy, this drink is considered to be a good accompaniment to the nation’s traditional cuisine, which focuses on spices and strong flavors. In 1996, the Coca-Cola company acquired 49 percent of the brand.




6.  Cusqueña


Parent Company: UCP Backus & Johnston (subsidiary of ABInBev)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Beer

Year of foundation: 1909

Website: www.cusquena.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$622 million


Cusqueña is a premium beer brand and the winner of many international industry awards. The brand was launched in 1909 and is now exported to countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The beer is produced in four different varieties: Rubia, Negra, Trigo and Red Lager. In 2000, the brand was acquired by Backus & Johnston.

The brand promotes its quality credentials through the tagline "Good things done better". Its communications reflect brand values of dedication and passion, and the brand is positioned as always seeking to do things better, following great traditions.



7.  Pacifico


Parent Company: Credicorp Group

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Insurance

Year of foundation: 1992

Website: www.pacificoseguros.com 

Brand Value: US$425 million


Pacifico is the leading brand in Peru’s insurance market. Pacifico was established in 1992 and its main purpose is to provide clients with risk-management solutions. Pacifico is part of Credicorp, the largest financial group in Peru. It has more than 5,000 professionals dedicated to providing customers with a full range of products and services through its three lines of business: general risks, health – through its subsidiary Pacific Health – and life, through Pacific Life.


 8.  Pilsen Trujillo  


Parent Company: UCP Backus & Johnston (subsidiary of ABInBev)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Beer

Year of foundation: 1920

Website: www.pilsentrujillo.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$315 million


Pilsen Trujillo beer is associated with the Peruvian region from where it gets its name – the northern city of Trujillo. Launched in 1920, Backus & Johnston acquired the brand in 1994 and it is now widely available across Peru. The beer is known for the careful control of its fermentation process, which ensures its quality and taste are always consistent. In its communications, Pilsen Trujillo often focuses on local traditions and the brand’s role in celebrations, highlighting local pride through its slogan "Celebrate what we are".



9.  Real Plaza  


Parent Company:  Interbank Group

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Retail

Year of foundation: 2005

Website: www.realplaza.pe 

Brand Value: US$308 million


Real Plaza is a chain of shopping malls. It is based in Lima but has a presence in many other cities in Peru. Launched in 2005, Real Plaza is the largest shopping mall chain in Peru and in recent years its strategy has centered on expansion. Currently its vision is more focused on consolidation in order to generate more traffic and increase sales per square meter. In the past year, Real Plaza has been the fastest-growing Peruvian Brand in the BrandZ ranking. Real Plaza is part of lnterbank Group (a corporate group present in many sectors including finance, retail, services and industry).



10. Cemento Sol  


Company: Unión Andina de Cementos

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Cement

Year of foundation: 1916

Website: www.unacem.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$225 million


Cemento Sol is the market leading cement brand in Perú and UNACEM’s best-selling building product. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, it is the best-known brand in the category and is viewed as highly reliable. Cemento Sol is used by professional builders and self-builders across Peru. Despite the slowdown of the construction sector in the country, Cemento Sol has managed to maintain its leadership and increase its brand value, promoting its dependability and quality.


11.  D'onofrio

Company: Nestlé S.A:

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Food

Year of foundation: 1897

Website: www.nestle.com.pe/productos/helados

Brand Value: US$183 million


D’onofrio is the leading Ice Cream Brand in Perú. It was founded in 1897 by Pedro D'Onofrio Di Restra, a young Italian who sold ice-cream from a wheelbarrow in Lima, announcing his arrival with the sound of a horn. After 22 years, Don Pedro transferred the business to his eldest son, Antonio D'Onofrio Di Paolo. The business expanded into chocolate in the 1920s and later into cookies and candies. In April 1997, D'Onofrio was acquired by Nestle S.A., which continues to produce classic D'Onofrio products, as well as continuing innovating and launching new products under a much-loved Peruvian brand. The wheelbarrow and the horn sound are still strongly associated with the D’onofrio brand.



12.  Inka Farma         


Company: Interbank Group

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Drugstore

Year of foundation: 1996

Website: www.Inkafarma.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$155 million


InkaFarma is the largest retail pharmacy chain in Peru. InkaFarma was founded in 1996 and today has more than 11,000 employees throughout Peru. Its pharmacies offer a wide range of products including medicine, perfumery and personal care items. Inkafarma is expanding, with the promise to consumers that the brand offers “more health at the best price”.



13.  Plaza Vea


Parent Company: Interbank Group

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Retail

Year of foundation: 2001

Website: www.plazavea.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$134 million


Plaza Vea is a Peruvian brand of hypermarkets and supermarkets owned by Interbank Group. The first store was opened in 2001 and the chain has since expanded to more than 80 stores across the country. The brand employs around 13,000 people in Lima and the provinces. In recent years, the brand has used its communications to build brand equity, moving away from the industry norm of tactical communications focused on price promotions. Plaza Vea’s promise to consumers is "low prices every day", a highly relevant message in the current climate.


14.  Metro


Parent Company: Cencosud

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Retail

Year of foundation: 1992

Website: www.metro.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$132 million


Metro Chorrilos was the first hypermarket to open in Peru, back in 1992. Since then the brand has built its presence up to 69 stores around the country. It is part of one of the biggest retail organizations in Latin America, Cencosud. This conglomerate operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia across many segments, including supermarkets, financial services and shopping centers.



15.  Arequipeña    


Parent Company: UCP Backus & Johnston (subsidiary of ABInBev)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Beer

Year of foundation: 1898

Website: www.ariquipena.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$120 million


Arequipeña originated in the city of Blanca and today this brand of Pilsen beer is becoming widely recognized across not just the country but the world. The brand positions itself as a product prepared with great care. Arequipeña appeals to local pride and promotes the importance of kindness in its communications. At the same time, it reflects an intensity and sense that people can achieve great things. It uses the tagline “We are not a few, we are all”.

16.  Gloria

Parent Company: Gloria S.A.

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Dairy

Year of foundation: 1941

Website: www.gloria.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$117 million


Gloria is the market leader in milk in Peru. The brand started in 1942 in Arequipa, with the production of evaporated milk. It moved into other dairy products such as yoghurts in 1993 and in 1994 into other milks, ready-to-drink UHT, cream, cheese and juices. Unlike many other countries, Perú is a market where the majority of consumers prefer evaporated milk over fresh or UHT milk, but Gloria has been able to successfully launch new, innovative products that capture opportunities in what is a complex market. BrandZ data shows Gloria is an iconic brand and is the Peruvian brand with the highest Power score, a measure of consumers’ predisposition to choose a particular brand over others in the category.



17.  Sublime

Company: Nestlé S.A:

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Confectionery

Year of foundation: 1926

Website: www.nestle.com.pe/productos/chocolates/sublime 

Brand Value: US$103 million


Sublime has become the favorite chocolate of Peruvians. The brand began in 1926, founded by the man who at that time led D’Onofrio ice-cream, Antonio D'Onofrio. Sublime has been familiar to Peruvian consumers for generations, so evokes memories of childhood and happiness. Since 1997, along with other D'Onofrio chocolates and sweets, Sublime has been part of the product portfolio of Swiss multinational Nestlé.



18.  Cemento Andino


Parent Company: Unacem

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Cement

Year of foundation: 1956

Website: www.unacem.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$99 million


Cemento Andino has been producing cement and derivative products since 1952. In 2012 it merged with Cementos de Lima to form Unacem (Unión Andina de Cementos). In 2015, Cemento Andino refreshed its image. A new packaging design promotes the quality and durability of its cement, in an effort to differentiate the product and create a more premium positioning.           




19.    Mibanco

Parent Company: Mibanco (subsidiary BCP)

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Financial Institutions

Year of foundation: 1998

Website: www.minibanco.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$74 million


Mibanco is a financial institution that provides banking, lending and insurance services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Mibanco started operations in Lima in 1998, building upon the business of Acción Comunitaria del Perú (ACP), a non-profit civil association operating in the micro and small business sector.


20.  Bolivar  


Parent Company:  Àlicorp

Headquarters: Lima

Industry: Detergents

Year of foundation: 1971

Website: www.alicorp.com.pe 

Brand Value: US$73 million


Bolivar is Peru’s leading laundry soap bar brand, and Bolivar detergent is the second most popular in its category. The Bolivar brand portfolio is owned by Àlicorp, the largest consumer goods company in the country.