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Company: Peugeot SA

Brand value: US$1,110 million

Headquarter city:  Rueil Malmaison

Industry: Cars

Year formed: 1810

Peugeot is a carmaker that started out as a coffee milling business and bicycle manufacturer in the early 1800s before moving into the cars and commercial vehicles for which it is now known around the world. Its range of cars extends from compact to family-size, luxury and sports utility vehicles, which are particularly strong sellers for the brand. Peugeot is known for being stylish, innovative and comfortable, and promotes connectivity features for drivers. Many of its model numbers feature a central number 0 or 00, and the brand plays with this in its communications, as in its recent “mOtiOn & emOtiOn” film, which looks at the past – and the future - of the brand. Communications this year focus on elegance and emotion, signaling a move to the premium end of the car market. New models and updates include digital dashboards, and Peugeot changed its audio signature with the launch of the new compact 308 model. Encouraged by French consumers’ enthusiasm for electric cars, Peugeot is investing in electric models, led by its small electric iOn car. The parent company in late 2016 announced the launch of a new brand, Free2Move, to look at car sharing services and other new approaches to personal mobility. The brand takes pride in its 200-plus years of French heritage and certifies several of its models "Origin France Garantie”. Peugeot vehicles are now sold from more than 10,000 showrooms in 160 countries, and can be ordered online in several markets. Peugeot SA is a constituent stock of the CAC 40 index.