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Company: Groupe PSA

Brand Value: US$ 1,114 million

Change since 2018: 0%

Headquarter City: Rueil Malmaison

Category: Cars

Year Formed: 1810

Peugeot is a motoring brand with a range extending from compact to family-size, luxury and sports utility vehicles, sold in around 160 countries. The all-new 3008 and 5008 SUVs have been strong sellers in Europe and have pushed the brand product mix upmarket. The 3008 was Europe’s 2017 Car of the Year at the Geneva Motor Show. Peugeot now hopes to reenergize the sedan segment with its stylish new 508. The brand is known for its styling, handling, comfort and innovation, and promotes its cars’ connectivity features for drivers. Communications in 2018 have focused on elegance and emotion, accompanying the move to the more premium end of the car market. New models and updates include digital i-cockpit dashboards. Encouraged by growing consumer interest in electric cars, Peugeot will be launching electric or hybrid versions of its mainstream models in the coming few years, starting with the new 208 full electric compact hatchbacks, due in 2019.