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PNC Bank

PNC Bank

Company: PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

Brand Value: $8,108 Million

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1845

PNC specializes in retail and business banking, credit cards, and asset management. Widely perceived as a consumer bank, it has 25 percent of total assets made up of consumer accounts. It currently operates 2,520 branches and 9,024 ATMs across 19 states and the District of Columbia. PNC has recently made a big push in targeting millennials and GenZ with a Virtual Wallet product, and a “Be the Boss” campaign that shows how its customers can take charge of their financial lives. Other campaigns focus on the emotional importance of saving for important life events. PNC also partners with beloved children’s TV program Sesame Street. In 2016, PNC’s revenue was $16.9 billion. It is currently expanding in the southeastern part of the country, where it has seen accounts increasing over 6 percent per year.