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Parent Company: Pola Orbis Holdings Inc

Brand value: $816 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Retail

Year formed: 1929

Pola, headquartered in Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, is Japan’s fourth-largest cosmetics brand. It was founded in Shizuoka city in 1929 by Shinobu Suzuki, and pioneered a model of home-visit direct sales that it continues to implement today. In addition to this direct sales channel, Pola also operates a nationwide network of salon and beauty shop centers, as well as stores-within-stores in major retailers throughout Japan. Pola is also seeking to expand its operations in China. Thanks to its high-touch direct sales structure, Pola was an early proponent of a more personalized, custom approach to beauty that encompasses both skincare and cosmetics, with a special focus on helping customers move gracefully through all stages of life. The company calls this holistic, life-long approach “sustainable beauty theory,” and it remains a cornerstone of the company’s “Science. Art. Love.” philosophy, which recognizes that the emotionality of cosmetics is just as important as the technical side. The brand actively supports the fields of culture and art, and operates the Pola Museum of Art, the Pola Institute of Culture, and the Pola Art Foundation. The brand’s parent company Pola Orbis Holdings Inc is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.