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Popsicles & sunglasses- getting contextual outdoor targeting right

Popsicles & sunglasses: getting contextual outdoor targeting right


Media Lead



During one of Amsterdam’s muggy summer days a wildposting campaign by local “unicorn” brand Ace & Tate caught my eye. In familiar fashionable style, the eyewear company advertised their sunnies alongside a very appealing free popsicle at every store visit. This was a simple, smart and relatively cost-efficient way of contextually relevant geo-targeting - and one that used traditional media, no less.

With the ongoing roll-out of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) in the Netherlands, brands get access to programmatic outdoor buys at scale, allowing for new ways of contextual targeting like weather, location, or time of the day. If played well, brands can increase the relevance of their message with more engaging and dynamic creative work. But there are also risks when not played well: messaging can become fragmented and visibility drops with tight targeting.

From Kantar’s Art of Integration, we know integrated campaign centered around a single campaign idea deliver stronger brand effects. Our CrossMedia work has also demonstrated that OOH is more synergy reliant than other media – that is, it’s strongest when playing with other media to deliver brand awareness and associations. This means DOOH needs a recognizable creative connection and reach overlap with other campaign media. Flexible campaign ideas that allow for contextual tweaks without confusing the campaign message, that thoroughly integrate a brand’s distinctive assets, and that use DOOH creatives that are eye catching and instantly clear, will successfully support brands.

As with all media that allow for targeting, DOOH may seduce marketers to focus their efforts on short term activation.  Sustainable brand growth comes from a balance between the long and short term. DOOH dynamic properties represent an opportunity for marketers to amp up their creative ambitions; receptivity to outdoor advertising is relatively strong, so brands are permitted to be a bit more disruptive!