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Close to millennials in age, but different in attitudes

By Linna Zhao

Head of Insights, China
The “Now Generation” (born between 1995 and 2005), is growing up fully immersed in the digital era. Their comfort in navigating this environment is leading them to build different attitudes from the preceding millennial generation. Our MEC New Generation Youth Study 2017 examines the distinctiveness of the post-millennial generation, for example:
  • Post millennials have less ambition and a more realistic attitude; interests come first and are diversified. They have an average of four leisure activities, and half are interested in ACG (Animation Comic Game)
  • They seek group activities within a wide social network; 72 percent won’t stay alone in their spare time, and 80 percent have friends from different schools or grades.
  • They are logical and rational thinkers, less rebellious, and more respectful of information from different angles. When making decisions, 72 percent consult parents and elders, 44 percent consult friends the same age, and 30 percent consult older friends or other advisors.
  • They show less preference for foreign brands; 52 percent think it doesn’t matter, and 16 percent prefer local brands.
Influencing members of this post-millennial generation requires relevant communication, which can be different from communication that resonates with millennials. Our new study, and our work with other youth market segments, provide insights for effectively connecting with China’s young people.