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Pride of a nation


Massimo Costa

Country Manager

WPP Italy




Brands are the often only asset that endures throughout the lifetime of a business.  


It has been proven that strong brands drive more value for companies, are more resilient during hard times, and bounce back from adversity more quickly. This is especially true in Italy, where consumers are highly brand-aware.


For many Italian companies, operating in sectors as varied as engineering, electronics, furniture, fashion, luxury and food, their brand is one of the most important contributors to the value of their enterprise – if not the most important.


At WPP Italy, we are proud to see that the Top 30 Most Valuable Italian Brands features so many names that have not only been successful at home, they have also captured the hearts of millions of consumers around the world.


Many other Italian brands are quietly doing the same, though do not yet have the financial scale to qualify for the Top 30 ranking. They, too, deserve our compliments.


Together, they all contribute decisively and positively to the reputation of Italy on the world stage.


We are proud to note that many of these successful and valuable brands have collaborated with at least one WPP company as they have grown, and many are brands we continue to work with today.


What is exciting to note is that the Top 30 includes many “national champions”, each representing absolute entrepreneurial excellence in their industry, but some of which are yet to explore the full potential of their brand.


We hope that this study will help convince them of the importance of investing in brand to drive business.


In the Thought Leadership pieces ahead, we feature a sample of the expertise and insight that WPP companies offer in Italy. We have a team of over 2,400 professionals in WPP Italy, applying the most innovative resources and technologies to the challenges of our clients, as well as encouraging the best and most diverse talent in all aspects of communication.


With commitment and pride, I congratulate the Top 30 and invite you to enjoy our insights.