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Profile - Optus

Parent Company: Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Brand Value: $3,503 Mil.

Headquarter City: Sydney

Industry: Telcom Providers

Year Formed: 1981

The Optus brand, owned by Asia’s leading communications group, Singapore-based SingTel, is the second largest telecom provider in Australia. Founded in 1981 by the Government as AUSSAT, the company launched their first satellites in 1985 for both military and civilian communications, delivering TB services to outback communities. Operating at a loss, the Government sold the license to Optus Communications, a consortium of firms from Australia, UK, and the US. By 1991, the company privatized, offering lower-cost long distance calls. Optus began deploying its fibre optic cable network eventually laying its own network infrastructure that includes Australia’s first hybrid fiber-coaxial network allowing it to offer fixed telephony, cable TV, broadband, wireless internet, Satellite, and 4G mobile services. Having grown through acquisition of UEComm, Alphawest, and Virgin Mobile Australia, today, Optus has 9.3 million customers, 30% market share in mobile, and in 2016 generated AU$9.1 billion in revenues with over AU$2.7 billion in EBITDA. To support its brand recognition across the country, Optus invests in local partnerships that include Cricket Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee, and English Premier League football.