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Profile - Qantas

Parent Company: Qantas Airways Ltd

Brand Value: $1,637 Mil.

Headquarter City: Sydney

Industry: Airlines

Year Formed: 1920

The Qantas brand is ubiquitously synonymous with Australia. An acronym for Queensland Northern Territory Aerial Services, it is the country’s oldest and largest airline and is the third oldest airline in the world (behind KLM and Avianca) and was one of the founding members of the Onewcapital World airline alliance. Launched in 1920, Qantas began offering international flights in 1935, and today has 65% market share of domestic flights and nearly 15% of international (in and out flights).  Consistently generating over AU$15 billion in revenues for the last six years, Qantas has steadily increased its number of passengers, which in 2017 exceeded 53 million travellers, representing 80% of its seats filled on 309 aircraft. Qantas’ long running “feels like home” ad campaign has been a quintessential part of Australian advertising history, with its deeply emotive message resonating and well remembered by the Australian public. Qantas’ safety record is impeccable and has repeatedly been rated as the “World’s Safest Airline”.