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Purpose vs

Albella Soedarsono
Research Executives - Quantitative
Kantar, Insights Division


Faisal Dhiqsan
Research Executive - Quantitative
Kantar, Insights Division


Purpose vs. promise - which is more important?

The shift towards an instant-gratification culture shouldn’t come as a surprise. Brands have long nurtured this premise, with 30-minute pizza delivery guarantees and promises of “Whiter skin in five days” and even “One-minute conditioner for damage-free hair”.

The rise of the internet and social media has intensified this need for instant gratification, regardless of the industry.

Apps like Instagram lets you experience engagements in real time, while Tinder helps you find dates with a simple swipe; e-commerce offers convenient, time-saving options like fast home delivery.

Instant gratification has become much more than a desire; it has become an expectation.

Brands need to deliver on that expectation, but they should also treat this emerging culture as an opportunity to establish deeper connections with consumers that will ultimately build brand affinity and loyalty. Brands that thrive are those that don’t only cater to this instant-gratification culture; they also stay focused on their brand purpose and actually deliver on their brand promise.