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Company: Adidas

Brand value: US$986 million

Change since 2019: -2%

Headquarter city: Boston, US

Category: Apparel

Year formed: 1958

Reebok is a global athletic apparel and footwear brand that has been part of the adidas stable since 2005. The brand has for several years worked with influential celebrities from the worlds of fashion, music, design and art, as it urges consumers to “Sport the Unexpected”. Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor featured in an animated fighting ring in a recent advertising spot to launch Reebok’s Zig Kinetica shoes, fighting off toys in his son’s messy bedroom thanks to the energy-return properties of the shoes. Rapper Cardi B, meanwhile, performed a runway show for the Zig Kinetica using a doorbell camera in a high-energy Instagram video of her and her friends dancing up to a suburban front door.

The brand has also been promoting female empowerment, in its 2019 campaign “It’s a Man’s World”, featuring women who have challenged cultural and gender stereotypes. And it has announced plans for the launch of vegan, plant-based performance running shoes, building on the sustainability work done with the launch of its Cotton + Corn collection.