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Regions Latin America: Brands cultivate local popularity and expand

Brands cultivate local

popularity and expand


The Latin America Top 6 all appear in the category rankings of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100, not in the main ranking. Five of the brands are beers, including Corona from Mexico, Skol and Brahma from Brazil, and Aguila from Colombia, along with a Newcomer this year, Mexico’s Modelo. The other Top 6 brand, also a Newcomer, is Falabella, a retail brand based in Chile, with departments stores throughout Latin America.


These brands fall somewhat below the brand value threshold of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 ranking. Although the brands are sizeable and appear in the category rankings, economic and geopolitical factors have impacted the value growth of the Latin American brands.


Brand value growth has improved, however. As analyzed in the recently-published BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2018, the value of the Top 50 increased 18 percent in value, following a 22 percent decline a year ago.


Brands from Mexico and Brazil each generate about one-third of the total Latin America Top 50 brand value, with Brazil trailing slightly. At the same time, however, Corona, a Mexican beer, surpassed Brazil’s Skol as No. 1 in the Latin America Top 50.


Latin American brands are popular across the region, where consumers view them understanding local needs. However, Corona has long been popular in the US. And Modelo has grown in popularity in the US because of a growing preference for Mexican beer, and Modelo’s astute marketing, which resonated both with the Latino immigrant population and others who strive to achieve the American Dream.