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Company: Groupe Renault

Brand Value: US$ 4,617 million

Change since 2018: 4%

Headquarter City: Boulogne-Billancourt

Category: Cars

Year Formed: 1898

Renault sold 10.6 million vehicles in 134 countries around the world in 2017. It is the flagship brand of the world’s largest automotive group (excluding heavy trucks), the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and is driven by its motto “Passion for Life”, which is behind its development of a range of vehicles which aim to suit every stage of consumers’ lives. In the past year, Renault has been promoting its #MissionSUV, an unprecedented experiential campaign using online influencers to promote its new SUVs. The campaign represents a break from tradition for the automotive sector; the campaign was launched with a TV spot showing real reactions of the online influencers to the new vehicles, and had a large digital component linked to this. Renault positions itself as a pioneer in electric mobility (along with Nissan), and has recently unveiled “Moov'in.Paris”, a car-sharing service in the capital launched in association with short-term car rental specialist ADA.