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The need for beauty and utility

Ryan Shaw

Creative Director, Landor Southeast Asia


It is not unusual in our industry to see strategy being used as a neat and adaptable tool to post-rationalize creative work, absent of the strategic thinking that delivers output that is not just beautiful, but useful. 

As today’s brand stewards, let’s hope that the notion of creativity for creativity’s sake has been permanently parked and, instead, that the belief in creative serving a purpose is alive and well. Ultimately, the most brand-relevant creative work will not only embody, but celebrate, the brand strategy – to the extent that it becomes incontestable. When people experience any one of the brand’s touchpoints, they should be able to intuitively grasp what the brand stands for. 

Getting that right makes the work, work – because the brand will stand out, stand for something, while never standing still. In essence, creativity built on a strategic foundation will bring brands sustainable success; a pretty logo alone will not.