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Retail: Brand Building Action Points

Brand Building Action Points


1.     Be customer obsessed

Be in conversation with customers and supplier partners across channels to drive purchases and inspire advocacy and ongoing loyalty.


2.     Pursue purpose

Conceive of the business as having a meaning beyond selling products and services. The purpose needs to be relevant to the brand and could be about improving operations with local sourcing and greater sustainability.


3.     Add efficiency

Understand how products are getting to customers and how that entire process can become more efficient, including the integration of online and offline with the expansion of click-and-collect.


4. Innovate faster

Actively look for ways to innovate faster and add value. Pursue—and expect—more partnerships between online and offline players, which will serve customers in new ways and create more disruption.


5.     Experiment with more tech

Using artificial intelligence and other technologies, find opportunities to add excitement to the shopping experience and make it easier for consumers to share their retail experience on social media.