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Company: Pernod Ricard SA

Brand Value: US$1,203 million  

Headquarters: Sainte-Marthe, Marseille

Category: Alcohol

Year formed: 1932

Ricard is a brand of anise-flavored spirit that has traditionally been consumed as an aperitif or in cocktails in France, and has gradually become known around the world. The brand was launched by Paul Ricard in the city of Marseille, which is where the company is still based. Ricard gave his name to the first product, and later to the company that now represents a stable of spirits brands including Absolut, Lillet and Dubonnet. While the Ricard product has been unchanged for decades, the way it reaches consumers and stays relevant is evolving. In 2016, Ricard unveiled a new logo that represents the origins of the brand – under the Marseille sun – in a fresh way. This branding features on the balloon glasses in which bars serve Ricard, as well as, since 2017, carafes. In its advertising, Ricard focuses on simplicity and tradition; its 2017 campaign tagline is “Simple comme un Ricard”. Summer campaigns have played with the idea of color, and the fact that the drink changes color depending what it is mixed with.

The parent company’s ambition is to be an innovative, connected, committed and responsible “Créateur de convivialité” (creator of friendship). It has launched a loyalty program linked to e-commerce through the Cdiscount site. The Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, founded in the 1960s, is a rare example of private patronage in ocean protection and research. Pernod Ricard is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.