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Company: Pernod Ricard Group

Brand Value: US$ 1,196 million

Change since 2018: -1%

Headquarter City: Marseille

Category: Alcohol

Year Formed: 1932

Ricard is an anise-flavored spirit traditionally consumed in mixed drinks as an aperitif. Its logo echoes the origins of the brand, which was developed under the Marseilles sun. Growth of 13 percent in net profit for 2017-18 came largely from heightened demand in China and India. In 2018, Ricard launched Ricard Plantes Fraîches, a new pastis made exclusively with anise from plants grown in Haute-Provence. It also now offers Ricard-branded products online, such as limited-edition bottles and boxes. In a nod to environmental concerns, Ricard has announced that none of its drinks should be served with plastic straws. The brand is making digital innovation a priority, calling it “connected friendliness”. Ricard advertising tends to play with the idea of color, given than Ricard changes color depending what it is mixed with.