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Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Company: Royal Mail Group

Brand value: US$1,129 million

Change since 2018: -19%

Headquarter city: London

Category: Logistics

Year formed: 1516

Royal Mail was the UK’s and the world’s first postal and courier system. It is the only delivery service offering a “one price goes anywhere” domestic mail service, six days a week, to more than 29 million UK addresses. An 8 percent decline in the number of addressed letters in the nine months to the end of December 2018 has led to a similar dip in letter revenues, and the impact of tighter EU privacy rules means businesses are now doing fewer mass mailouts. In the face of changing habits – a surge in the number of parcels being sent thanks to the e-commerce boom, and fewer letters being sent – the business is adapting to the new landscape with the launch of new services. These include notifications for customers a day ahead of delivery, and the rollout of the UK’s first parcel postboxes, taking account of the rise in e-commerce. The parcel postboxes allow small businesses to post pre-paid parcels in the same way as they post letters. Consumers will also be able to use them to return some barcoded parcels to businesses. Zero-emission e-Trikes are being trialled for letter and parcel deliveries.