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Sauce tells production story from farm to family meal




COMPANY Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US $541 million



INDUSTRY Food and Dairy




Bango soy sauce is a store-cupboard staple and is one Unilever’s strongest brands in Indonesia. It is seen as the ingredient that helps people make traditional Indonesian dishes taste great, and in its communications heavily emphasizes the value of local cuisine to family life, and the contribution of local soy bean farmers. The soy sauce market has been highly competitive in recent years, and Bango’s marketing has focused for four years on how malika – black soy beans – are nurtured by local farmers to create the highest-quality product. Farming scenes and family harmony give these ads a distinctly Indonesian feel and link to the strength of family bonds. In one commercial, a farmer refers to malika as “his daughter”. Bango benefited greatly from a multi-brand campaign for Ramadan 2016 by parent company Unilever. The “Unilever 1001 Inspirasi Ramadhan” campaign was designed to give people a one-stop source of inspiration over the holy period, from menu ideas to fashion trends. In 2017, Bango will again host the Festival Jajanan Bango cooking festival, which was so successful two years ago in attracting people to learn how to prepare the best Indonesian dishes. At the International Islamic Fair 2016, Bango won a Halal Top Brand award in the soy sauce category. Unilever Indonesia, which bought a majority stake in Bango in 2001, is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.