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Saucy challenge gets people talking



COMPANY Kraft Heinz Company

BRAND VALUE US $784 million



INDUSTRY Food and Dairy



ABC is best known for its soy sauce, but the range extends into many other condiments, such as tomato sauce and chilli sauce, along with juices, canned fish, soft drinks and ready-to drink coffee. Since mid-2016, a TV-led campaign has focused on ABC sweet soy sauce. Called “Perasan Pertama” (first feelings), the campaign features the famously warm and friendly chef, Donna Agnesia. A new logo on soy sauce bottles features the words “Perasan Pertama” in a heart-shaped soya bean. For its chilli sauce, the brand has been running the “Tantangan Sambal ABC”, or the ABC chilli sauce challenge. They challenge consumers to pair ABC chilli sauce with unusual foods, such as ice-cream, encouraged by celebrity chef Bara, who features on ABC’s YouTube channel showing the versatility of the product. The campaign has run across TV, radio, Facebook and Instagram, with quizzes and competitions. There have also been roadshows in five major cities, and press events involving food bloggers and writers who took the ABC challenge. ABC products are available in many international markets across Asia and Europe, often sold in specialty Asian grocery stores. ABC was launched by PT ABC Central Food; in 1999 H. J. Heinz Company began operations in Indonesia and acquired 65 percent share of PT ABC Central Food and formed PT Heinz ABC Indonesia. Kraft Heinz Company is listed on the NASDAQ in the US.