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Seeing in color


Fabrice Billard

Director Brand Strategy

Kantar TNS



Did you know that successful brands have colors? Knowing the color of your brand means identifying and managing its position in the market, and cultivating its image so that consumers find it irresistible. We have identified six colors that reflect the personality and standing of different brands.


Yellow brands embody the values of liberation and joie de vivre: pleasure, freedom, play and fun. They’re optimistic and carefree.


Desire, excitement and daring are the hallmarks of red brands. They’re energetic, audacious and are ready to meet all challenges. Whether avant-garde, heroic or rebellious, red brands are alluring, and sometimes push their difference to


Orange brands offer sympathy and closeness, accessibility and transparency. They are simple, sociable and inspire confidence. They make you feel good, like your best friend.


Purple brands behave like stars: seductive, desirable and often inaccessible. Purple brands typically possess the attributes of power and ambition, impress with their confidence and will often play on notions of excellence, luxury and distinction to become genuine « badge brands ». Love them or hate them, everyone feels something about a purple brand.


The brown brands are synonymous with care, kindness, sensitivity and serenity. They are the opposite of the red brands, reflecting gentleness, purity, authenticity and nature.


Blue brands combine technicality and reason. Like a perfect businessperson, they demonstrate mastery, competence and a great sense of organization. The blue brands come across as reliable experts, aspiring to perfection and offering unsurpassed safety.


What’s your brand’s favorite color?