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Company: Altice Group

Brand value: US$10,603 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Category: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 1987

SFR is a telecommunications provider that combines mobile and fixed-line phone services with a comprehensive entertainment offer, with a focus on premium content such as sport, news and movies. This combination of connections and content is how SFR distinguishes itself in a highly competitive telecoms market, aiming to provide the best service any time, anywhere, on any device and with any content. It has 14.6 million mobile customers and over 8 million households subscribing to its broadband services, plus business customers. It has invested in developing the infrastructure for delivery, and in premium content, which is bundled with its telecom offers or available “over the top” of other connections. Content includes coverage of Premier League and Champions League football, as well as digital versions of print publications, and radio. In 2017, SFR announced a new advertising tagline, “Pour vous, SFR change” – “For you, SFR changes” – to mark the shift in the business to focus jointly on broadband and mobile connections along with quality content. The business-focused part of the business now operates under the slogan “Libérons l'énergie d'entreprendre”, or “Release the energy to do”. The parent company, Altice, also has a new mission: “Together has no limits”, which refers to collaboration between group companies, between companies and their customers, and between Altice employees. It has announced plans to change the name of SFR to Altice as part of its global strategy. SFR Group is 84 percent owned by Altice, and is listed on Euronext Paris.