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Shampoo promotion adds shine to hygiene brand



COMPANY Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US $324 million



INDUSTRY Personal Care




Lifebuoy provides affordable health, hygiene and protection against germs, with a range of soap, shampoo and other cleansing products aimed at families. Families are always at the heart of Lifebuoy communications, which this year have focused on shampoo and the link between healthy hair and shiny hair. An anti-hair-fall shampoo has been part of this campaign, along with the idea that dandruff-free hair is part of being clean and healthy. Beyond shampoo, Lifebuoy has launched a new shower gel concentrate, called Proton, described as a way to help families protect themselves from germs more efficiently, in a compact format that makes it easy to travel with. The inclusion of the anti-bacterial ingredient silver essence across the shower range has been another area of focus.


Public health education has long been part of Lifebuoy’s mission, and its annual Berbagi Tangan Sehat campaign aims to reach 100 million people with its hygiene message “healthy Indonesian hands” by 2020. Lifebuoy is also working with PERSI, the Association of Hospitals in Indonesia, in five cities to promote hand washing with soap as part of good hygiene in hospitals. Lifebuoy is part of the Unilever family, which is increasingly investing in digital as it pursues a zero-based budgeting marketing strategy. Unilever is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.