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Shariah banking specialist looks to digital



COMPANY Bank Negara Indonesia Persero Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US$ 1,829 million







BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) offers financial services ranging from retail and SME banking, to credit and banking facilities for major government projects. BNI has almost 1,900 branches across the country, and about 17,000 ATMs. Calling itself the “Pride of the Nation”, the bank’s retail arm is marketed through a blend of information and aspiration, and uses subtle humor to talk to young millennials. BNI’s marketing focus in the last year has been on digital banking. It was one of the partner banks that teamed up with taxi company Blue Bird to facilitate cashless payments via a phone app using BNI’s credit and debit cards. It also introduced microchips in its debit cards in an attempt to increase security at ATMs and clamp down on card skimming. Important product launches in the last year include Kartu Tani, a debit card for farmers that eases the process of them receiving government subsidies, and Kartu Pekerja Indonesia-Singapura, which is aimed at migrant workers in Singapore. BNI is a leading provider of Shariah-compliant banking services, and offers Shariah-compliant current accounts, home finance, insurance and investment services. BNI is a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility, concentrating on environmental protection projects and infrastructure building, especially bridges and roads in the country’s smaller cities. The bank operates throughout Indonesia, and has eight international branches in New York, Hong Kong, Yangon, Singapore, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka. The state owns 60 percent of BNI, with the remaining 40 percent traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.