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Sharpening the focus

Sophie Pastur

Head of Expertise Brand & Shopper Activation

Kantar TNS


In the context of an increasingly complex world, in which consumers often have more than four points of contact with a brand before they buy, brands often try to be omnipresent.

But we know that only 20 percent of the touchpoints associated with your brand account for 80 percent of the impact on your brand equity. In fact, it’s not the point of contact itself that makes the difference – it’s people’s memory of the experience. So, here are four ways brands can manage their consumer touchpoint strategy:

1 - Think long term

An accumulation of short-term effects does not necessarily build your long-term sales. Your strategy must fuel your future sales as well as current sales, by investing in brand capital. Thinking long term is therefore knowing how to identify the exact contribution of your marketing action on brand equity.

2 – Focus on quality of experience

Not only is it important to measure the number of people who can be reached by each point of contact, but also the quality of the experience for consumers – whether it changed positively or negatively  their perception of the brand.

3 – Do less, but do it perfectly

Too often, companies spend energy and money on points of contact that have no effect. Focus on the ones that count.

4 - Activate relevant contact points

Be clear about the goal of each of your touchpoints which can each play multiple roles. Use them in a relevant way at each stage of the consumer journey, while ensuring they are coherent and consistent with one another.