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Company: Siemens AG

Brand value: US$15,224 million

Headquarter city: Berlin/Munich

Category: Conglomerate

Year formed: 1847


Siemens is a German-based global conglomerate that has grown into the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. It is best known to consumers as a producer of consumer electronics and home appliances, but has operations spanning lighting, medical products, transportation, energy, industrial automation and buildings-related products. The brand’s tagline is “Ingenuity for Life”, and its Vision 2020 is based on three principles: to “make things that really matter”, to have every employee take personal responsibility for the company’s success, and to be entrepreneurial in pursuing areas ripe for sustainable growth. They also have a stated goal to outpace the competition on efficiency and performance. A specialist innovation unit named next47 has been launched, named after the year Siemens was founded alongside the wish to advance the next generation of pioneering developments; next47 launched with investment of one billion euros. Siemens sponsors Bayern Munich football and basketball clubs, and funds contemporary art and culture through the Siemens Cultural Program. Siemens AG is listed on the Frankfurt - Main and Xetra Stock Exchange and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index