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Company name: Smartfren Telecom Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$292 million

Year on Year Change:        NEW ENTRY!

Headquarters:         Jakarta

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 2003 as Fren (2011 as Smartfren)

Smartfren is an Indonesian mobile phone operator. It has been expanding its network coverage and trialing 5G connectivity; the rest of its network is exclusively 4G. In the past year, the brand has launched packages designed specifically for international tourists. Promotions tend to focus on the generosity of Smartfren’s data plans, roaming packages, and modem Wi-Fi discounts, along with cashback and discounts available to subscribers through its “Smartpoint” loyalty scheme. The brand positions itself as youthful and its communications campaigns often deploy youthful humour and echo funny memes that are well known to young consumers. The actress Jessica Mila and online influencers Atta Halilintar and Bang Ijal also promote Smartfren. The brand is highly active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, sharing fun facts and social media challenges, and has developed YouTube series called “Milenial jadi Miliuner” (Millennials become Billionaires) and “Anak dikutuk jadi baik” (Children are cursed to be good).