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Parent Company: De Volksbank N.V.

Brand Value: $152 Mil.

Headquarter City: Utrecht

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1817

SNS Bank is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands in terms of total assets. In 2013, SNS was nationalized by the Dutch government; In 2017, it was merged into state-owned de Volksbank. Moving away from the property investments that led to nationalization, SNS aims to be a bank for regular Dutch savers – a course that fits with the bank’s roots as the Netherlands’ first savings bank. Today, this “social” bank aims to stand out by offering “perfectly normal” services with a “human touch” across 197 branches. To underscore this focus, SNS offers slightly higher interest rates on savings accounts than its major competitors, aims to go climate-neutral, and recently pledged that it would no longer work with debt collection agencies. In 2017, SNS’s total customer base rose 1 percent to 1.5 million. In their recent campaigns SNS has focused on the “typical Dutchman” and deals with real-world issues such as a fear for negotiating a price when buying products. Going forward, SNS has the ambition to be a larger, visible player in the mortgage and payments markets, while also navigating a possible privatization effort.