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Socially respectful and respectfully social

Serena Bergonzi

Client Manager

Kantar Millward Brown



Oh yes, we love to chat, communicate and network. Digital is therefore a sort of promised land for us: we embrace everything digital, to such an extent that in Italy, smartphone penetration is even higher than TV, We read news online more than offline, and social media has become a daily habit for most of us.

At the same time, TV is still an important medium, where Italians expect brands to do their storytelling and are accustomed and open to it. TV still captures the strongest share of communication budgets.


Still, while consumers accept brands on TV to speak to the masses, they have different expectations in terms of both content and form when it comes to digital. It is key for brands to offer relevant and interesting content in a way that hooks consumers from the very beginning, so they do not skip (a common habit for most, and the rule for younger people) or simply look away. How do you do that? Successful digital campaigns in Italy all have powerful and unique messages that create an impression of the brand in an emotional – and, ideally, fun – way. In any case, consumers need to feel respected by brands, whose messages should be delivered in the most natural way and at the most appropriate time and place: receptivity is key.