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Parent Company: Spar International BV

Brand value: US$1,990 Mil.

Headquarter City: Amsterdam

Industry: Retail

Year formed: 1932

SPAR is an international group of groceries and convenience stores offering a high-quality, high-value shopping experience — a focus on thrift that is echoed in its name, which recalls the Dutch word for “save.” Spar aims to remain the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain and to continue to grow its brand by enhancing the competitiveness, productivity, and profitability of its retail and wholesale partners. The first SPAR store opened in the Netherlands in 1932; today the brand counts more than 13,300 stores in 48 countries. In 2019 SPAR had €37.1 billion in global sales and served 14 million customers each day. While SPAR’s franchise model means that owners can tailor their stores’ offerings based on their local context, the brand’s outposts are united by their green fir tree logo, a focus on price and quality, and a wide array of SPAR Own Brand Products. SPAR Netherlands, in particular, has been a fount of innovation for the brand, recently expanding its to-go offerings and convenience store formats, as well as offering checkout- less mobile payment through its SPAR University app. Although Spar has had a relatively low presence in the Netherlands compared to other grocery stores, recently SPAR has increased its visibility with new concepts such as Spar Express (at Texaco/ESSO fuel stations), Spar City, Spar Neighborhood, Spar University, and Spar Enjoy (shops at vacation grounds) formats. All serve to enhance a simple vision: “SPAR is the store for your daily convenience.” The brand’s Responsible Retailing initiative has led to more local sourcing as well as support for community wellness initiatives; Spar is also known for its sports sponsorships, most notably of European Athletics. Spar is partly owned by the Euronext Amsterdam-listed Sligro Food Group, and partly by privately-held Sperwer Holding B.V.

Responsibility index: 101