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Company: Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe GmbH & Co. KG

Brand value: US$3,137 million

Headquarter city: Berlin

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1849


Sparkasse is the number one retail bank in Germany, with around 50 million customers and 16,000 branches across the country, including in small villages. It operates on a different model to the private banks, such as Deutsche Bank, and co-operative banks like Volksbanken. The public bank model that Sparkasse operates under has regional Sparkasse that are independently run and managed. Each focuses its activities on the customers it serves locally. This local focus has led to the brand being known for the friendly service of branch staff, and in its communications, Sparkasse emphasizes the personalized service it offers, the huge range of products on offer, customer safety, and innovation through online banking products. Its online banking app is called Kwitt, and Sparkasse operates the “paydireckt” service, which is a strong rival to PayPal in Germany. Sparkasse is one of the biggest spenders on advertising among the banks, and is strongly associated with the color red in its logo and the claim: "Wenn's um Geld geht – Sparkasse" or “When it comes to money – Sparkasse”. A series of campaigns has been running since 2016 with the message claim "...ist einfach", meaning “it’s simple”, with a range of executions showing how Sparkasse helps people make life easier in many ways. Sparkasse is privately owned, with charitable foundations among the investors and guarantors.