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Parent Company: SUBARU Corp.

Brand value: $1,266 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Cars

Year formed: 1953

Though best known globally as a car brand, Subaru is a heavy industrial company that also sells machinery related to the aerospace industry – a legacy of the company’s beginnings as an aircraft manufacturer Aircraft Research Institute. Although Subaru’s auto industry presence in Japan is relatively modest, it produces world-famous cars such as the Legacy, Forester, Impreza, and Outback. The company’s history in the car industry is characterized by an independence-minded design philosophy influenced by principles of aviation engineering; it was one of the earlier car brands to champion features like four-wheel drive and horizontally opposed engines. The Subaru logo of five small stars and one large star is instantly recognizable to car lovers, among which the passionate Subaru fans are known as “Subarists”. These fans respond to the brand’s focus in design and communications on the concepts of “ground, sky, and nature”; Subaru is seen as a brand that enables its drivers to safely and confidently explore the world around them. Subaru’s advertising also promotes the catchphrase “Relief and Pleasure, Subaru.” For many decades the brand’s parent company was known as Fuji Heavy Industries; in 2017, however the company’s holdings were united under the name “Subaru.” The company is currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.