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Summary of brand and category changes

Summary of brand and category changes

China Top 100 rises

30% in brand value

The BrandZ™ China Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2019 rose 30 percent in value, the greatest one-year rise since publishing the first China ranking nine years ago.

Top 100 portfolio

outperforms MSCI

The BrandZ™ China Top 100 Portfolio, which includes all the brands in the China Top 100 ranking, has increased 110.9 percent since July 2010, growing at almost four times the rate of the MSCI China Index.

Alibaba ascends

to No. 1 in value

A 59 percent year-on-year value increase drove Alibaba to the No. 1 rank in the BrandZ™ China Top 100. Alibaba first appeared in the 2015 BrandZ™ China Top 100, having completed its IPO in September 2014. Over the past five years, Alibaba increased 136 percent in brand value, outperforming the BrandZ™ Top 100 overall, which increased 90 percent.

Alibaba builds strong brand equity

With a score of 216, Alibaba has sustained a high level of Brand Power, a BrandZ™ measurement of brand equity. Average is 100. Alibaba’s Brand Power is well balanced, with high scores in the three components of Brand Power: Meaningful (meeting needs in relevant ways), Different (being distinctive), and Salient (coming to mind at the moment of consideration.) Most important, the Meaningful score increased, suggesting that Alibaba initiatives created a closer connection with consumers. The slight drop in Difference probably reflects an increase in competition.

iQiyi rises

158 percent

Two entertainment video streaming brands led the ranking in year-on-year value increase, with iQiyi up 158 percent, followed by Youku, up 136 percent.

17 newcomers

join the ranking

A record 17 brands entered the BrandZ™ China Top 100 for the first time, from 11 diverse categories, including four categories new to the ranking: consumer finance, entertainment, lifestyle platform, and transport.

Growth crosses

most categories

Led by entertainment, with year-on-year growth of 186 percent, 13 of the 24 categories examined in the BrandZ™ China Top 100 report increased in value. Education and retail continued their strong performance, with rises of 57 percent and 55 percent. Eight categories declined.

Six technology brands

lead Overseas Presence

The technology category dominated the Top 10 in Overseas Presence with these six brands: DJI, the drone maker; PC maker Lenovo; the robot company UBTECH; the telecommunication and smartphone giants Huawei and ZTE; and smartphone maker Xiaomi.

Dairy brands lead

Brand Contribution

The dairy brands Mengniu and Yili led the ranking in Brand Contribution, the BrandZ™ metric that assesses the extent to which brand alone, independent of financial or market factors, drives purchasing volume and enables a brand to command a price premium.