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Company: Gudang Garam Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$2,522 million

Year on Year Change: 6%

Headquarters: Kediri

Category: Tobacco

Year Formed: 1958

Surya is a full-flavor, machine-rolled cigarette, and Surya Pro Mild is a low-tar, low-nicotine variant. Advertising for the brand focuses on male strength; Surya has a long-running association with motorcycling, under the banner “Suryanation”, and sponsors motorcycling expos and rallies which as well as motorsports also feature music. Surya had a strong presence at the Motor Bike Expo in early 2019, underlining its support for the biking industry and community. Surya is sponsoring season two of “Pro Warriors”, a reality TV show challenging 16 contestants to challenge themselves mentally and physically as they vie for an IDR 1 billion prize. New advertising campaigns have been launched for Surya Pro and Surya Pro Mild. For Surya Pro, the message is “Fight back and never quit”, while for Surya Pro Mild, the tagline is: “We are stronger”.