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Company: Gudang Garam Tbk PT
Brand value: US$2,099 million
Year on year change: 8%
Headquarter city: Kediri
Industry: Tobacco
Year formed: 1958
Surya is a popular brand of machine-rolled cigarette in the full-flavor segment of the tobacco market. A low-tar, low-nicotine variant called Surya Pro Mild is also produced under the Surya name. The brand is behind events for the biker community that run under the ‘Suryanation’ banner, including the 2015 Suryanation Motorland expo and rally. Surya is part of the tobacco company Gudang Garam, which has been producing cigarettes in Indonesia since 1958. Production of machine-rolled cigarettes began in 1979 but several hand-rolled varieties are still in production and those brands remain popular. The town of Kediri in Eastern Java has housed the Gudang Garam processing centre since the company began, and is reported to provide about 73 percent of the town’s income. 
Gudang Garam has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990, but it remains majority-owned by the Wonowidjojo family that founded the business.