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Company: Maxinvest AG

Brand value: US$854 million

Headquarter city: Hamburg

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1949


Tchibo is an international retailer that began as a mail-order roasted coffee business and still has coffee at the heart of the company. In the years following its launch, Tchibo opened its own stores and established shelves and sections within supermarkets and bakeries. The range of Tchibo goods expanded, and the range was updated each week. The motto “Every week a new world” gained momentum, giving shoppers reason to stop by more regularly to see what the current theme or range was, and this changing of the range every week continues today. This can vary from clothing, jewelry and accessories to bed linen and furniture. Since 2008 the brand’s slogan has been “Das gibt es nur bei Tchibo”, or “Only at Tchibo”. Tchibo generated €3.3 billion in revenue in 2016 and employs 12,000 people globally, 7,900 of them in Germany. There are around 660 Tchibo stores in Germany and 360 internationally, with Austria, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Turkey among its most important markets. It has depots at around 17,000 third-party stores in Germany, and has localized online stores in Germany and its international markets. Stores often have an integrated coffee shop, and the blue logo features a gold coffee bean. The range of coffee-related products is regularly updated, with the Qbo capsule-based coffee machine launched in 2016 linking quality coffee with smartphone app controls. The brand also offers floristry, mobile phone services and travel offers, and promotes sustainable consumption. Tchibo is privately owned by Maxinvest AG, the company formed by the Herz family, descendants of one of the founders, coffee trader Max Herz.