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Technology: Brand Building Action Points

Brand Building Action Points


1.     Give back

As major technology brands grow in size beyond the scale of even the largest industrial corporations, consumers question how much they are giving back. Along with benefits to the individual, the focus of most tech brands, it becomes important to also focus on benefits to society.


2.     Be introspective

Large scale and well-publicized data breaches have eroded trust in certain brands, and probably in technology generally. Consumers are becoming more skeptical about the quid pro quo exchange of services for personal data. Now, at the relatively early stages of connectivity and smart home, is a propitious moment for introspection and course correction.


3.     Compose “Act Two”

Technology, particularly social media, makes it easier for a brand to become known almost instantly, but longevity is the preferred goal. All brands—but especially disruptors—need to think about “Act Two.”


4.     Make content relevant

Content scarcity has become content surplus. Consumers are wondering what to watch, when, where, and on what device. The challenge is to produce relevant content that does not become like a pile of unread magazines, but rather is consumed by end users, in the most profitable way.