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Telecom Providers: Brand Building Action Plans

Brand Building Action Points


1.     Extend categories

Consider category extension rather than category ownership. It is difficult for any individual brand to own its category because the most powerful brands do not sit squarely in only one category. Expansion into content is the clearest possibility.


2.     Be at the center of life

The intersection of technology and human need (perceived and unperceived) is changing broad aspects of people’s lives, including how we consume entertainment and conduct banking and other financial services. Telecom providers are well positioned at the center of this transformation.


3.     Eliminate the pain

The technology may be state-of-the art, but the quality of transmission, getting the signal into the home, is only part of the challenge. And a poor consumer experience with tangles of wires and clumsy remotes can blunt the impact of technological wizardry.


4.     Connect emotionally

Because it is easy to switch carriers, loyalty must be based on more than convenience and habit. Cultivating a more emotional connection is important and part of moving from the commodity space to becoming a digital lifestyle provider.


5.     Throttle down

Telecom providers are big ships to turn. But they do not have the luxury of navigating like a big ship. As they move beyond voice and data provision into the wider waters of content and other entertainment, the telecom providers will race with even bigger ships, like Apple and Google, which move rapidly.