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Company: Telekomunikasi Indonesia Persero Tbk PT 
Brand value: US$6,772 million
Year on year change: 6%
Headquarter city: Jakarta  
Industry: Telecom provider 
Year formed: 1995 
Telkomsel is the country’s leading mobile phone network provider with a growing customer base and a steady launch of new and innovative services. It has more than 152 million subscribers, up from 140 million a year ago, and 47 percent market share. The brand, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, sets out to lead digital innovation in Indonesia in the region. Having launched the country’s first commercial 4G service, Telkomsel 4G LTE, in 2015, the company was on track to achieve 2 million subscribers within a year. It is the first Asia-Pacific carrier to offer high-quality WiFi calling and 4G VoLTE (voice over LTE), in partnership with Huawei.  Other innovations include the launch of MokaPOS, a financial solutions platform for SMEs, and T-Bike, an app that can monitor and guide motorcyclists. New mobile apps for customers include MyTelkomsel and LOOPKita. Transactions over the brand’s T-Cash e-money platform have been growing, and Telkomsel has partnered with the bank BTPN to further advance the cashless economy.
The brand is a strong user of social media and events in its marketing. Its Telkomsel DIGILIFE Festival in 2015 highlighted the many ways consumers can entertain themselves using fast digital connections, linking with its TV campaign highlighting the personal connections that are enabled by technology. Telkomsel sponsors a national TV contest called The Next Dev, in which bright young people are urged to help generate ideas for the development of a smart, digital city. 2016 marks the brand’s 21st anniversary.
Telekomunikasi Indonesia Persero is jointly owned by Telkom, which holds a 65 percent stake, and SingTel. Telkom is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange; the majority of its shares are owned by the Indonesian government, with the remaining 47 percent owned by the public. Shares in Telkom are also traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and are publicly offered without listing in Japan.