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Company: Telstra Corporation Limited

Brand value: US$8,740

Change since 2018: -19%

Headquarter city: Melbourne  

Category: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 1975

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications business, providing fixed-line, mobile, broadband and television services in Australia and, increasingly, around Asia-Pacific. It is undergoing large-scale change, largely as a result of the renationalization of Australia’s fixed broadband network, which means Telstra losing a significant proportion of its earnings. Around 1,200 jobs were cut in mid-2018 as Telstra seeks to improve efficiency, and the brand is working on a “ramped-up loyalty program” with a greater emphasis on customers to discourage switching. It is improving connection speeds for home and small business customers, and has launched the Telstra Smart Modem, which connects a home to the internet within minutes. Telstra has exclusive partnerships with Samsung and Ericsson, which put it at the forefront of 5G and Internet of Things technology; Australia’s first 5G call was made in late 2018 over Telstra infrastructure. A Telstra Innovation and Capability Centre has opened in India; the move is seen as progressive from a technological perspective, but has attracted criticism at home for creating jobs abroad while there are cuts being made in Australia.