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Company name: Tesco Plc

Brand value: US$8,491 million

Change since 2019: -7%

Category: Retail

Headquarter city: Welwyn Garden City

Year formed:1919

Tesco has long been the UK’s leading supermarket chain and remains so despite growing challenges, not just from strong competition and the rise of discounters, but also the strain of this year’s virus outbreak. Consumer demand for produce and delivery slots was unprecedented, and the business responded with a series of measures aimed at getting more shopping to more people, more safely. These included adding 20 percent more delivery slots, dedicating specific shopping times to NHS staff, implementing social distancing in stores, and donating £30 million in food and other support to communities in need. These difficult times followed a year of celebrations in 2019 to mark Tesco’s centenary, which focused on “Prices that will take you back”. The campaign culminated in extended TV advertisements across TV networks that took viewers back through time. Tesco CEO Dave Lewis stepped down in late 2019 saying that the company’s turnaround was complete. His replacement, Ken Murphy of Walgreens Boots, is due to take the helm later this year[a].

[a]Just for info, expected to be Oct 2020